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I am writing this from the perspective of my average customer and what they are looking for, not necessarily what the cat walk is pushing.  Even though the cat walk is where the clothing industry gets it design basics from, not everything is for everyone, so I have to listen to my customers and find what they want.  Since I have a brick & mortar as well as an online shop, I could differentiate what I carry in my shop from what I offer online, but since I am a small boutique, the budget doesn't always allow for that luxury.  So, for now, everything on my web site is what I carry in my shop for my customers. 

Anyway, here is what I am seeing as the trends for this fall/winter season:

Folks can't seem to get enough of Buffalo Plaids.  They are looking for it in everything from scarves, hats, wraps, tops and bottoms.  Another hot items seems to be long tunic tops that can be worn with leggings and boots for a comfy casual look.  Over sized loose fitting sweaters is another fave to wear with  jeans or leggings.  Bell bottoms have made a come back too in jeans, leggings and pants. Plaids in herringbone, glen plaid, and houndstooth are hot too.  As far as colors go Mustard is one of the top requested, other colors include metallic s in bright colors (but not so much for my customers).   Bell and puffy sleeves and backless sweaters are all over the place.  Personally I love the bell sleeves, although not always practical (be careful when reaching for the gravy!).  I love the contrasting patterns too from contrasting sleeves, hems and bodice.  Oh yea, didn't want to forget Sherpa, in everything from sweaters, vests and wraps., such a soft and comfy fabric.  

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